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Spumante Rosé Grani di Nero – Merotto


A pleasing aperitif it goes well with fish and with white meat dishes.


Spumante Rosé Grani di Nero Merotto

Spumante Rosé Grani di Nero Merotto, vineyards cultivated in the Piave area.

Gapes: 100% Pinot Nero.

Short maceration of the skin, wine making in “white”, soft pressing and fermentation at controlled temperature. Sparkling process and natural fermentation take place in autoclave for about 60 days at 13 – 14°C.

Alcohol content: 11,5%

Sugar residue: 8 g/l

Colour: Bright pink. Bright fizziness and soft texture. Persistent and light perlage.
Perfume: Vibrant and approachable. Soft, elegant red berries and a fresh hint of the forest floor.
Taste: Persuasive and of good character, Savoury with a taste of raspberry, blackberry and wild strawberry.
Aftertaste: Fresh, dry and persistent of fruit.

Food affinities: A pleasing aperitif it goes well with fish and with white meat dishes.

Serving temperature: 6 – 8°C

To make good wine it is necessary to know well the earth from which it comes and the sky that governs us. This is the synthesis of the thought that in Merotto’s house has been handed down for generations. Within the complex and fascinating world of wine, the ancestral link between nature and man retains and demonstrates all its evocative and inspiring power through the culture of hill viticulture. The steep geometries of the vine allow only manual work, handed down by different generations as the authentic religion of the land, in which respect, sacrifice and dedication represent the authentic and profound values of peasant knowledge. In this we recognize Graziano Merotto and with him his long history as a passionate winemaker.

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11,5% vol.


rosé sparkling wine


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