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Grappa di Sagrantino Riserva – Antonelli


Made by ageing the grappa for two years in 500 L oak barrels.

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Grappa of Sagrantino Riserva Antonelli

Grappa di Sagrantino Riserva Antonelli is a single-grape grappa obtained from the distillation of Sagrantino grape marc from our vineyards.

Distillery: Gioacchino Nannoni distillery – Paganico (Tuscany)

Method: copper still; discontinuous cycle. With the system of water bath heating “bagnomaria”, the still is immersed in hot water and steam. This method ensures that the marcs are heated slowly and in a uniform manner and the resulting grappa is a product of superior quality.

Colour: clear and bright.

Bouquet: strong and intense, preserving the fruity aromas that are characteristic of the Sagrantino grape.

Taste: dry, smooth and delicate.

Serving temperature: 9 – 13°C (48.2 – 55.4°F).

Size: 500 mL bottle.


Made by ageing the grappa for two years in 500 L oak barrels.

Colour: rich golden yellow with amber hues.

Bouquet: the aromatic components derived from the time spent in wood, confer great complexity to this product.

Taste: complex, full and persistent.

Serving temperature: 17°C (62.6°F).

Distilleria Nannoni
Distillation Grappa Barricata
The aging in wood of our spirits always happens only inside of our two trust warehouses sealed from the Agency of Customs, therefore the duration of the aging and the decreases are guaranteed by official documents of the State.
We have two aging warehouses and over 1000 barriques (225 Lt) where our brandies rest from 18 months to 25 years.

If an exhausted cask does not allow a good aging and does not give color, a new cask gives color and aromas, however it tends to cover the characteristics of the distillate.
Our goal, both for the products of our brand, as well as for spirits processed on behalf of third parties, is to enhance the peculiarities of the distillate, enhancing them with an adequate aging, choosing the cask with the right characteristics and evaluating the ideal duration, always looking for excellence.

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