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Grappa Barricata Cabernet and Merlot – Il Roggio


Mellow taste, round, full with hints of wood and spices


Grappa Barricata

Provenance: Veneto

Vinacce of the vines: Cabernet and Merlot

Characteristics and production process: the combination of the marc of Cabernet and Merlot gives rise to a round, full-bodied, important grappa.

Steam distillation, developed by Distilleria Bottega, enhances the organoleptic characteristics of the grapes of two absolute quality vines.

This grappa is aged for about 12 months in barrique, where it acquires the hints of vanilla and the characteristic amber color.

Organoleptic characteristics:

Color and appearance: Amber

Smell: Fruit, vanilla, spices

Taste: Persuasive, round, full with hints of wood and spices

Serving temperature: 14 ° C

Mode of consumption: The aged grappa should be consumed after meals, as it facilitates digestion.

It is a meditation distillate.

It is an ingredient to prepare cocktails and longdrinks. Accompany the tasting of dark chocolate.

Traditionally it is used to correct espresso coffee and, in Veneto and Friuli, to dilute the last drops of coffee, which remain on the bottom of the cup (Resentin).

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