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Gin Franco – Green Heart Distillery



Gin Franco Green Heart Distillery

Gin Franco Cuore Verde Distilleria Umbrian Dry Gin

For many years Franco Scarponi and then his son Adolfo, have walked every path and mule track of the Umbrian Apennines to meet the collectors of juniper. That same juniper, which then would have ended up in the best English distilleries, which required only the most precious berries; the Sacarponi found them only at the end of those dusty roads that went up to the middle lands where the olive trees leave room for the scrub full of junipers. Only in Manciano di Trevi, however, tells us Adolfo, now in his forties, those precious berries could give unique emotions.


Mainly resinous notes of juniper, with hints of lemon balm and slight aroma of elder

On the palate:

Verbena softened by the helichrist predominates.

Who is FRANCO?

Our gin was born as a tribute to this rural epic. A tribute, made first of all by our master distiller, who with skilful use of the discontinuous still and its flavored baskets, marries the scents of the selected botanical juniper of our territory. From the most coreacee to the most delicate, every berry, grass or flower, gives its essence to a liqueur that could only be called FRANCO!

Gin Franco Green Heart Distillery

Green Heart Distillery

Make dispensable the flavors, smells and evocations of our beautiful territory, as a timeless art form, to express themselves and the stories we want to tell in an authentic way.

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