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Bruno liquore al Tartufo Nero Pregiato – Green Heart Distillery


Unique in its kind; the first liqueur with infusion of Truffle


Bruno liquore al Tartufo Nero Pregiato Green Heart Distillery

Bruno liqueur with Black Truffle Pregiato is a natural liqueur with black truffle from Norcia.

No sugar added and no artificial flavoring.

Everything begins with the scrupulous selection of the precious black truffle of Norcia (Tuber melanosporum Vitt) harvested between January and February when the rigor of the Umbrian winter knows how to bring it to its maximum ripeness.

A patient maceration allows then to celebrate a harmonious combination of flavors and aromas with acacia honey, the only sweetener present, with dried fruit, with wood and cocoa beans.

Finally, to crown the path, the Master Distiller with his special copper still will fix in time as crystals the best essences and emotions of our land.

And it is precisely this sequence of raw materials and gestures, this lay liturgy focused on the precious black truffle with its best organoleptic characteristics that allows us to realize, year after year, harvest after harvest, the dream of a totally natural liqueur and free from any artificial flavoring substance. In each bottle is imprinted the harvest year of the truffle, this makes BRUNO a vintage product.


The ethereal notes of the black truffle are enhanced by the body of cocoa and oak

On the palate:

At the entrance, the mouthfeel is enveloped by the sweetness of figs and acacia honey that then leave room for woody and bitter scents of rhubarb.

Serving temperature: at room temperature or with an ice cube
Storage temperature: 16 degrees

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Make dispensable the flavors, smells and evocations of our beautiful territory, as a timeless art form, to express themselves and the stories we want to tell in an authentic way.

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25% vol


Liquore al Tartufo Pregiato


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