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Arbor Vitae Liquore – Antica Valle Francescana


A wonderful liqueur with an unusual taste, it is the perfect ending for meal


Arbor Vitae Liqueur made with olive leaves and twigs

For thousands of years olive trees, considered the trees of life, have accompanied human history and was considered a sacred tree by all the most advanced civilizations of old. Needing silence, drought, solitude, sun, and stones to grow, the olive tree is one of the most resistant and long-lived trees in the world; its secret is in its LEAVES, which contain elements like polyphenols, which have an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action that is extremely important for our wellbeing.

Our Liqueur is the result of an ancient process that includes the infusion of olive leaves and twigs, completely natural and with no aromas and food colouring added.

A wonderful liqueur with an unusual taste, it is the perfect ending for meal, best served cold to fully enjoy the extraordinary taste of the natural ingredients in it.

Last but not least, the twig inside the bottle both provides a decorative touch and ensures the continuous release of the natural aroma and properties. Any sediment in the bottle denotes the authenticity of the product.

How to best enjoy it:

Aperitif: alone or combined with Prosecco or club soda, to accompany olives, fresh cheeses, snacks.

Digestive: alone or with ice, for a splendid ending to the meal.

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Weight1.60 kg

24% vol





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