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Acquavite Q Quaranta Barricata – Il Roggio


Accompany the tasting of dark chocolate


Q Quaranta Acquavite Barricata

Description: This brand new distillate of barricaded grapes combines freshness and complexity. The young and innovative packaging makes it a product with a strong personality.

Type: Queen Barricade Grape Distillate

Provenance: Emilia Romagna

Vine: Queen Grape

Characteristics and production process.

This excellent grape brandy preserves the freshness and aroma of freshly picked grapes. It is produced in full respect of tradition, distilling in small steam stills the selected grape clusters rich in must. The gradation of 40 ° allows a short aging in barrique of fine American oak, which gives the unmistakable hints of raisins, honey and vanilla to the distillate.

Color and appearance: Amber

Smell: Intense and fruity

Taste: Netto, elegant, harmonious with hints of raisins, honey and vanilla.

Serving temperature: 14 ° C

Consumption mode: Aged grape brandy should be consumed after meals. It is a meditation distillate.

Accompany the tasting of dark chocolate.

Additional information

Weight 1,6 kg

Grape distillate aged in barrique


Volume cl



40% vol


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